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ENQuETE art is the Experimental Nonpartisan Questioning of Enduring Technologies in Economy – an independent experimental study of sustainable technologies for the contemporary economy, conducted by artists, researchers and other experts.

Following the idea of a "public inquiry", which exists in countries with Common Law legal systems, ENQuETE art initiates a taskforce of imagination that searches for sustainable new visions of society.

An exhibition, entitled boom, bubble & blast and a theatre play called P.O.W.E.R. or Introduction into the benedictions of the Poseidon Welfare Enhancement and Rescue Service will be the key artistic outcome of ENQuETE art. Also a composition will be commissioned called requiem for 12 banksters.

Numerous micro-activities are also planned to strengthen the resilience of the population weakened by austerity policies and the un-ending ´live long and shop´ ecstasy.
These activities include choreographed, participatory actions in public places and privatized zones so attractive that even law and order personnel find themselves in the dilemma of wanting to join in.

The project´s Salon is dedicated to the dissemination of heretical ideas. Europe-wide "guerrilla marketing" of the Salon´s findings will use totally un-tactical media, as well as materials made for rapid consumption such as mentally stimulating stickers that are difficult to peel off from the substrate, prototype stencils to optimize billboards messages and templates for balcony posters to improve the façade and visual climates of gentrified neighbourhoods.
This anti-strategy strategy also includes the programming and proliferation of apps that force their users to re-direct their eyes away from the glowing notebooks in their palm and focus on the essentials. Finally, SMS text brigades will be deployed to fight the outer riffraffing and inner desolation of those contemporaries who continue to serve the wrong system with unbroken affirmation.

The cultural-political lesson with the programmatic title The Application A guide to rip-off funding in five chapters opens opportunities to study the complex interactions between money, culture and administration. For good reason, The Application is submitted by three robots that donate the grant (if successful) to an NGO, who works on the precise monitoring, archiving, and critical reviewing of political decisions that have an immediate, but for the layman has no easily discernible impact on fundamental and human rights.

During the exhibition period, there will be frequent (free) feeding of the hungry, conducted in a place specifically made for  anti-hierarchically organized conferences. At these events, all who are willing to participate in fostering the purposes of the project will be favoured over the invited speakers.

Curators and partners. Director of the project is Olaf Arndt, curator of "Embedded Art", Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz, Berlin (2009) and the EU Culture 2000 funded project TROIA (2004-2006) on “The Technologies of Political Control”.
He works in a team with the curators Dr. Cecilia Wee (Royal College of Art, London, UK) and Janneke Schönenbach (artist-group BBM, Berlin, Germany).

Partners in realising the project are Peter Tomaz Dobrila, EPEKA, Maribor, Slovenia, Jorgen Johansen, Resistance Study Network, University of Gothenburg Sweden and Michael Kurzwelly, Foundation of The Collegium Polonicum Slubice, Poland and the Niedersächsische Staatstheater Hannover, Germany.

ENQuETE art has received a grant from the European Union (EACEA Culture Programme 2007).

Communication design developed as part of an academic project by the students of the Università della Repubblica di San Marino - IUAV Università di Venezia directed by Prof. Omar Vulpinari