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The world without us (IX) Po.W.E.R.
Introduction into the benedictions of the Poseidon Welfare Enhancement and Rescue Service

with BlinkenArea

most probably it´s the year 12.014, but we don´t know for sure. maybe an error occurred and the main computer has switched all data to an incorrect date. we are in the FRONTEX war room, an underground command and control center in Warsaw, that once was used by the "European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders". The scene is surrounded by a giant video-wall, that once broadcasted "live" from the world of fences and screened thermal images of the well-perfused “undocumented” while trying to get into the Fortress.

thanks to the affectionate care by two "human" holograms, six robots, build in the 21st century, are still operational after all the time. they, a former "hunting pack" of FRONTEX´Poseidon Land Services try to "analyse" what has happened and why they are "here". the bots get access to a data storage from the year 2014, a year which they regard as the turning-point in early history of post-mankind and find out about their job at the external borders. because of bad network and low battery the bots only receive fragmented bits of textfiles which once were marked as "confidential" - which means they get erased automatically after accessing. the robots damaged memory system stutters while digging faster and faster, trying to prevent more dataloss, a kind of digital Alzheimer in the dimension of human history. we follow a multilogue, in which the robots try to interpret what they can get hold of, the almost lost strings of 1s and zeroes.

Cryptic keywords and dimly pictures hover over the huge 4-sided monitor mirroring the information that has survived the past 10.000 years. what is a "nation"? who is believing in something called "future" and why? Is “growth” the name of an ideology – like eternal “debt”? how does "climate" feel and is it "healthy"? which kind of meat has "greed"?

the hard disks contain bruised information only, but a lot of it, a "library" that maybe reveals the real story if we manage to put the elements into a proper order - which the robots finally succeed to do by a very special kind of cooperation.

the past time that we are looking into through the goggles of the robots unveils a strange kind of unbelievable future, in which a super-boom of economy led into a monstrous bubble that finally blasts to create a giant social expansion space in which we "stalk" around searching for the "lost history". which one is better? the first 40 centuries of humankind, called "civilisation" with nations in power and money on the throne? or the "subsistent system" of radical self-organisation with no authorities at all – which followed beginning with the year 2014?

Ole- the hologram

© Piet Hiltmann 2014

PREMIERE at 17.05.2014, Hannover, 8.00 pm, location: Kraftwerk Leinhausen

see Staatstheater Hannover,



Po.W.E.R is supported from the European Union (EACEA Culture Programme 2007).


Communication design developed as part of an academic project by the students of the Università della Repubblica di San Marino - IUAV Università di Venezia directed by Prof. Omar Vulpinari