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The Application
A guide to rip-off funding in five chapters
A sound installation by BBM
(Olaf Arndt, Zsolt Barat, Janneke Schönenbach, Lars Vaupel)

Barbara Philipp
Maria Zastrow

Ole Wulfers



Thursday 5.12.2013, 7.30 pm

Leuphana Arts Program
Leuphana Universität, Campus, C.22 (Zeichensaal, next to Bibliothek)
Scharnhorststr. 1, 21335 Lüneburg


Friday 13.12.2013 and Saturday 14.12.2013, 8 pm

Motorenhalle, Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden (Eingang baubedingt über die Adlergasse 12)

The Application

A guide to rip-off funding in five chapters
Since 1989 BBM have been staging machine performances which engage with the Power of Behavioral Control through technical, ideological and architectural means. BBM works as a collective. None of their outputs bear traces of the individual expression of a single artist. Everything they do is BBM. The robots they produce are regarded as tools, not sculptures.

In EPKOT (Experimental Prototype Killers of Tomorrow), one of their recent productions (2012), six autonomous killer robots discuss how targeted assassinations by drones fundamentally change the way we perceive state violence and human rights. The often sarcastic statements made by the robots in EPKOT, a fantastic hyper-Disneyland of killer machines, pointing to the limitations and failures of a policy that has entrusted itself completely to the almost unlimited capabilities of their hi-tech equipment.

In their current project, The application BBM proceed to stage a topic that they have repeatedly worked on over many years and showcased in countless, often ironic versions such as the administrational "Bulldozer", which steamrolls art (Hanover, 1990) and the hi-speed train to neoliberalism ("Ia.CE " for documenta IX in Kassel city program 1992). Twelve years later the experiment carries on, this time disguised as anthropological research (see chapter "Tax Return ", in: "TROIA Detailed Report of the working group on the experimental test marketing of three new products for crowd control", Vilnius, Prague , Maribor 2006).

BBM permanently examine the milieu in which they operate. Arts and cultural management are the two poles between which they try out the options to continue - to survive.

Throughout their investigations of "administrative imperialism", they outline two contradictory systems, those of cultural producers and cultural bureaucrats whose relation is determined by structural violence. Administrative imperialism is - analogous to the prevailing economic system of economic imperialism - the tendency of administrations to conquer all surrounding social fields and impose their own logic on them.

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