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boom bubble & blast.
The rights and living conditions we previously understood as central to democratic citizenship are irrevocably effected by the "unleashed" power of the financial markets and a culture of greed. In this context of glocal ‘wicked problems’, solutions within public and private life are urgently needed. Where existing mainstream approaches to current crises are found to fail, artists can act as experts creating unconventional tools for a hopeful and resilient future.

For the exhibition, internationally renowned artists will be commissioned to develop new visions of how to live in a post financial crisis world. During 2014, they will work in close cooperation with scientists and other experts (such as researchers, bankers, politicians and entrepreneurs) to produce work that investigates fantastic prospects for a better future.
Each artist will develop a relationship to a researcher, creating a contemporary "Commission" for viable, sustainable ideas and solutions to 21st Century issues. The Commission will work on solutions in the fields, which we consider to be topics of global significance for the next decade: education, work, food, health, security, climate, material resources, law - and, as the focus of all fields, the financial system.
By working with experts in economics, science and other fields, the exhibition is not only creating critically aware art and discourse, but is actively involved in disrupting the climate of financial and sovereign debt crises that have come to the fore in recent years.
The title is to be understood as a question: "boom, bubble & ... blast?"
The great boom transforms into a dramatic bubble, both of which serve as commonplace metaphors in the financial sector. We consider the ‘blast’ that necessarily follows to be the opening of a space where unseen creativity and radical new thought can arise. The images, narratives, ideas, projects and objects of artists become concrete utopias and alternative visions to the current economic landscape.
The whole action will be documented by a nine-fold catalogue with specially commissioned essays and a DVD, following the development and implementation of the project.